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This server allows you to use your characters as bots to assist your game progress!

Be sure and look at bot documentation, It contains important information on commands.

Normaly bots are only available from your account, so a maximum of 9 bots or a party of 10, however if bots from alternate accounts are desired, it is possible, but this requires VIP account status. This option is called a shared account and allows summoning characters as bots from other or alternate accounts. If this is something you desire, contact admin for support.

Change Log:

April 3, 2024

- Bots now will tain at a nearby class trainer automatically.
  Stand near the bots class trainer and if they have any new
  skill/spells to learn they will auto train them.
  Must be line of sight and within 30 yards for them to train.

  formation [type] (Where [type] is one of the following:)
  (none/goose/fanout/fanout front/circle/line/line front/goose front/wall/wall back)
  This will casue the bots to be in the selected formation.
  none is random positions, and the default.
  follow near/far command will adjusts the distance between chars in formation.

March 25,2024

- Changes to bot shamans, they will now call forth Fire and Earth elementals when in combat with more than 2 enemies.
  also some minor changes to the basic spell rotation depending on the type of oponenents. overall DPS should improve.

March 13,2024

- Bots now will auto select quest rewards based on basic needs and abilities.
  This behavior can be changed with the command: quest choice [on/off]
  Defaults to on, note the state is saved for future logins.

  quest choice      (will report the current status)
  quest choice on (enables automatic quest reward selection)
  quest choice off (disables selection and requires input from master)

March 1,2024

- Warriors and Paladins will no longer roll need on items like staves,daggers, bows etc.
- Added stat checks for weapons prior to need rolls. Previously it was just DPS.
Feb 27,2024

- New bot command:
  This command is for the rti or (Raid Target Indicator)
  icon [action] [type] (sets raid icon to action type)
    [action] can be - attack/ignore/follow/cc
    [type] can be - diamond/star/circle/square/triangle/moon/cross/skull
    example: icon attack skull (the target with the skull icon will be the bot attack focus)
  icon (Displays the current icon assignments, and what creatures have the icon assigned if any)
  icon reset (Clears the icons and actions)
  cc or crowd control action option is in testing.. neutralize those targets!
 Actions are:
 attack will focus the attacks on the target with the attack icon - protect command will override target when needed.
 ignore will not attack the target with the ignore icon, even if they are being attacked by the target.
 follow will make the bots follow the target with the follow icon. clear icon from target to reset to following master.
 cc will have the bot attempt to use the appropriate crowd control method, such as Polymorph, Shackle, Hibernate, Fear

- New Auto Function:
- Bots will repair and sell junk automatically when near a vendor. they only sell grey items
  and repair cost is taken from bots money.

  Let me know if this behavior is ok, it may need some adjustments or toggles.

Feb 16,2023
- Bot Healers (orders heal) can now assist whomever you designate using the assist command.
- Fixed a bug where hunter traps would cause server crash if player logged off and the trap was triggered.
- Changes to bot loot system, they should now get/use quest items they ignored before. Related to GOOBER type items.
- Looting is now defaulted to LOS (line of Sight) for all bots. this applies to the player as well, so for example:
  if the bot is los and the player is not, bot will not move to the loot. both have to be in LOS before moving towards
  the loot item. This solves problems with bots running into walls, rooms etc, above and below in places.
  hopefully this solves the issues with places like UBRS/ST etc.

- New bot commands:
- "los looting on"
- "los looting off" - disables or enables the line of sight looting option. ON by default during bot load.
   so if this not a desired behavior, it needs to be disabled on every .bot add xxxx

Feb 12,2024
- Assist and protect now working as expected. make sure your bots have assist and protect orders!

- New bot command:
  "attack stay" - Same as attack command except it sets the stay condition for the bot. Bot will not chase after
  attackers, and simply stay put and attack with whatever means it can. A follow command or normal attack
  command will clear stay condition.

Jan 26,2024
- New bot commands:
  "come here" - will get the bot to drop combat and go to master and remain passive until the next attack command.
  "summon" - will allow you to teleport the bot to you, has 30 minute cooldown, does not work in combat.
  "dismount in combat" / "no dismount in combat" - ON by default, bot will dismount if attacked.
  "aoe" on/off - Area of effect attacks are now enabled only if there is 3 or more attackers and the group health is < 80%
   on by default, can be disabled with off and bot will not use aoe attacks. - theoretically :)
Dec 1,2023
- Bots now are aware of NPC's and will sometimes auto sell and reapair.
- Bots will now talk about others in their imediate area.

Nov 29,2023
- Update to several quests in Sholazar basin.
- Fixed a bug (I hope) with movement that casued server crash.

Nov 9, 2023
- Lots of fixes for quests, and creatures, too many to list.
- Bots will talk to NPC's once in a while.

October 27,2023
- New: Bots automatically will use health and mana potions when in combat and helath/mana is very low.
  Make sure the potions you want them to use are in their packs! (mana & health potions)

October 23,2023
- New bot Commands:
- "use scrolls" - will use the scrolls found in bag(s), cool downs may apply.
- "use potions" - will use any found elixirs and flasks, may need to use multiple times to allow for cooldowns on use.
   If a more powerful spell is active, the scroll/potion will not be used.
   Items that are only allowed one type to be active, will be replaced with next matching item type found.

September 10, 2023
- Fixed issue with bots using drinks and not finishing when full.
- If combat starts while bot is eating/drinking, it will abort and join the fight.
- Lowered the threshold for bots to use drinks/food, now at 70% mana/hp or less.

August 18, 2023
- Death Knight starter zone issues were fixed. The map was not setting the instance properly,
  and causing strange issues with more than one player in the starter zone.

August 8, 2023
- Updates to movement maps for pathing. You should see better pathing for NPC's and Creatures.

July 31, 2023
- New bot commands:
  drinks - showes selected char current drink counts.
  bind here - attempts to bind at selected innkeeper.
  hearthstone - reports current bind point.

July 11, 2023
- New bot Commands:
- "safelooting on/off" - bot will Avoid running into creatures to close to killed loot items.
- "aoeflee on/off" - bot will try to move out of a hostile area of effect spell.
  both on by default.

July 1, 2023
- Bots now can use ritual items (Meeting Stones etc.)
- The survey command is now able to show dynamic items. (no more db lookups)
- Bots now automatically use a Meeting Stone Summoning Portal from Meeting Stones.
  (Player starts it, bots will use if nearby)

June 24, 2023
- Bots are much more conversational now, see what they have to say!

June 20,2023
- New bot commands:
- "homebind" will tell you where their hearthstone is set.
- "flee" will attempt to flee in a random direction.

- TEST! BEWARE: "collect chests", "collect ore", "collect herbs" is now on by default.
  if you don't want them running off willy nilly, then toggle the collect commands off.
  This may change in future, just testing for now to see what problems it makes.

June 10,2023
- Crystalsong Forest - complete Zone Reconstructed

June 8,2023
- Meetings stones now only require 1 person to activate the ritual of summoning.

June 2,2023
- Bots now use gossip menus for completing quests. (in theory)- needs testing.
- They will follow master on gossip (NPC) menus for quests etc.

May 30,2023
- New bot commands:
- "give drink"
- "give food"
   This will let a bot give (from inventory) drink and food to other groupmembers, if they don't have any.
   Melee classes will give away drinks to caster classes, and caster classes will give away food to melee classes
   Disabled by default - command toggles option on/off
May 21, 2023
- New!!
  Transmogrification! - Vendor located in Stormwind and Orgrimar.
  Change the look of items, item visualization to copy must be usable.

May 18,2023
- New command for helpers quest - "quest log" will show a detailed version of their quest log.

May 4,2023
- Fixed hunters auto shot not working
- Another attempt to fix teleporting crashes, during corpse and npc scans.

May 3, 2023
- Loot handeling changes to fix getting stuck in bend down mode to loot.
- Helpers: Paladin healing modified. If spec Holy, then assume healing always, else do heals only if given orders to heal.
- Modified some teleport and map code to fix occasional crash when hearthing with helpers in party.

April 26, 2023
- Updated battle ground ui
- Attempted to fix water/land boundry issue for creatures and helpers.

Feb 12, 2023
- Zul'Drak - Northrend - Completed
- all quests
- all areas spawns/waypoints/events
- Instances:
- Gundrak - Reconstructed
- Naxxramas (Wotlk) - Reconstructed
- Lots of Quests / spawns / gossips / Events / Waypoints were added in random Zones

Feb 2, 2023
- Fixed a longtime bug where helpers would not use items (it would fail) for unknown reason.
  it was a timing issue, not waiting long enough for casting to complete and was silently failing.
- Fixed a issue with Warlock and placing soulstone on players. was failing with improper ready check.
  and nopt allowing buffs, etc.

Feb 1, 2023
- Helpers, Fixed server crash when warlock with no pet and trying to summon tanking pet.

Jan 31, 2023
- Improved helpers spell casting process, eliminated a bug causing spells to fail when casting.
- All classes have had a re-write for actions during combat.
- Numerous small bug fixes for helpers and misc server crashes.
- Corrected issue with spells being interupted in combat after 1 second of castime.

Jan 11, 2023
- bot (rezzers) now wait if a resurection is in progress and hopefully not all try at once.
- bot "flee" from danger is working, in limited special circustances, (testing)
- Major pathing issue fixed for helpers, they should not jump or walk through the air to get to loot now.

Jan 10, 2023
- Udates to ranged bot behavior, they will attemp to maintain a ranged distance if not aggroed.
- If bot has aggro, they will not attempt to flee, this was causing all sorts of fun, such as mob chasing feeling helper and the chaos that ensued.
- Serveral tweaks to helper spells, cast order, etc. for all spell casters.
- Updated Druid bot code, should choose melee,ranged more appropriatly now.
- Druid bot will be 100% melee if Feral spec is highest. (unless they have heal orders)

Jan 4, 2023
- Fixed issue with bot not moving after looting, if corpse was skinable and did not have a corresponding skill.
- Testing changes to quest accept and turn in for bot, they no longer need to run up to the NPC.
- Testing changes to object handling for bot, feedback appreciated.

Jan 1, 2023
- Fixed issue with Priest spells Prayer of Spirit and Divine Spirit. Database issue.
- Occasionaly helpers would report taking a quest when not actually taken. This should be corrected now.
- Fixed issue with helpers moving into position and not using or taking items.

December 29, 2022
- Fix issue with autocomplete quests not being able to be removed from questlog.
- Naxx: updates to Grobbulus, Patchwerk, Maexxna boss fights.
- Fixed several memory leaks in timer system.
- Updates to bot AI for mounting and looting.
- Changed summon teleports to hopefully stop crashes.
- Corrected bug in removing old spells when unlearning a skill. Player core.

December 17, 2022
- New bot improvements, for looting, rezzing and ranged combat.
- Bots now can use flight masters and hop on a flight when you take flight.
    (assuming they have learned the flight path)
- Mob aggro, and pathing improved.
- Many instance boss fights redone.
- Zul'Drak instance improvements and entire area scripted 95%
- Tons of fixes to spells, buffs, auras, too many to list.
- Several crashes fixed.
- Better bot handling for entering instances and transports.
- Stay, stop looting, quiet, etc command improvements
- Command to "drop junk" will clear some bag space for your helpers.
- While waiting for corpse releases, telling helpers to "release" will get them to pop next to master.
- Change in looting rules. Party members can only loot their own loot, this includes coins.
- Many small fixes to lots of quests and items.

September 17, 2022
- New bot Commands:
  stop/start looting, stop, comehere, quiet, talk (see docs)
- A dozen breadcrumb quests added.

July 11, 2022
- Midsummer Fire Festival - Reconstructed
- quests
- spawns
- Event Boss Ahune - fixed and missing RP event added
- Brewfest - Reconstructed
- quests
- spawns
- Event Boss Coren Direbrew - fixed
- Event Bosses moved to Dungeon Finder
- Zul'Drak - Northrend - Updated (work in progress)
- Many creatures and objects moved to new 'Group Spawn' system
- Lots of Quests / spawns / gossips / Events / Waypoints were added in random Zones

July 1, 2022
- 100's of quest updates and fixes.
- Map and pathing issues corrected for creatures near water.
- Events have had a large overhall and should work properly now.
- Dungeon finder is working now.

May 18,2022
- TBC and WotLK servers have been updated with hundreds of fixes to quests, items and other issues.
- Playerbots have gained some new ways to talk about your actions, and responses.
- Improvements in the warrior, mage, preist and shaman bot logic, they should be
  more helpful in combat and try to avoid running to melee range when using ranged weapons.
- New bot commands stop, talk, quiet - experiment.
- Movemet updates, transports are now boardable by pets and bots, some issues still exist with
  mob pathing around water.

September 6,2021
- Hundreds of fixes and updates to quests and game logic
- Many instances have had major bugs fixed
- Wotlk server is now online.
- Recruit a friend option available
- Tool to copy chars to wotlk server in beta test, contact admin for details
- Playerbot system has lots of updates to AI and they are much more interactive
  combat should be improved for most classes.
- Playerbots can join a party from anyone, not just master account

July 4, 2021
- Lots up changes to the bot options, better overall behavior
- Fixes to Naxxramas quests and boss encounters
- Map and movement updates, better overall pathing for NPC's
- Tons of small fixes for quests and server logic

April 3, 2021
- Fix water height algorithm ignoring "no water"
- Shadowfang Keep code and dialogue improvements
- Rework Archmage Arugal and keep prisoners
- Arugal's Voidwalkers now aggro on spawn
- Fix Mountaineer Pebblebitty gossip options
- Apply deserter at next login if player logout in fight

March 17,2021
- BG: Fix crash in WSG due to player being offline
- Fixed fishing from pools while in group
- Rogue: Distract, earthbind and mass dispel should not proc stealth
- BOT: fixed output link of talent lean command
- Fix attacking LivingFlare
- Update openssl libs
- AHBot: Sanity check for item value, added gems & glyphs, item rebalancing
- Spell/Pet: Do not stop pet movement forcibly on all spells
- SM: Mograine & Whitemane script - improve Corrupted Ashbringer handling
- SM: Fix opening of Chapel Door for Corrupted Ashbringer event
- SM: Some minor adjustments to Corrupted Ashbringer event
- Script Stoneskin Gargoyles in Naxxramas
- Rework Four Horsemen evade
- Adjust Eye of C'Thun's Dark Glare
- Transport boarding/unboarding works with pets/bots properly now
- Platfoms/elevators work properly with pets/bots
- BOT: Flying mounts work properly, they now use flying mount and follow master

December 31, 2020
- Karazan: Fixed an issue with Kara Chess event
- Karazan: Opera was bugging out due to players not being in instance, fixed
- Hyjal: Make archimonde respawn on wipe
- Implement Suns Reach Reclamation event and phasing
- MoveWaypoint: Fix generation of intermediary paths
- Netherspite will no longer cast Nether Burn while crazed
- Romulos Poisoned Thrust will now be used less frequently
- Fire Shield should not be removed on Evade
- Fix knockback code wrong variable usage
- Combat: Do not reset combat timer on triggered assist spells
- Make Seal of Light and Wisdom a non-triggered spell
- Give Spirit of Redemption full damage immunity and use heal properly
- Make deadliest trap ever laid reset emote and make them active
- Tempest Keep: Fixed Al'ar not to react during rebirth sequence, and other Al'ar issues
- Fixed sweeping attacks not triggering on melee swings
- Warriors will no longer gain rage when they parry/dodge an opponents attack
- SparrowHawk net now works properly
- Fix Dragonmaw Peon not respecting threat logic
- Fel-Orc Convert is now able to aggro on players when they are in LOS Range

December 26, 2020
- Pets and creatures now board transports correctly.
- Ruby sanctum redone.

December 12, 2020
- Correct Amount of Fish/Meat Rewarded from Barrel of Fish
- Fix inexplicable lag in Cenarion Hold caused by movement of Beetix
- Add data for Shade of the Horseman event
- Add spell call of the beast targeting
- Fix Lootable Amani Treasure Box
- Revamp ZulAman Trash Loot
- Improve Black Temple Epic Item Dropchance
- Add data for Sun's Reach Reclamation
- Add Shartuul's Transporter data
- Add more npc cases that drop Darkmoon Cards 5-8
- Add proc chance to netherstrand longbow
- Readd missing magtheridons head spawns
- Add different gossip text for players below Honored rep with Skyguard…
- Fix Nether Vapors not flying
- Fix Quest Chain Linking for quest Ultimate Bloodsport
- Adjust mogor quest delay for ring of blood
- Populate Bloodmyst Isle with herbs
- Fix Ring of Blood being abusable

- Spell/Targeting: Process self always immediately without delay
- Transport: Fix crash due to not using proper transport guid
- Transport: Fix crash due to not removing minipet from transport
- Transport: Fix call pet spell effects not working on a transport
- Transport: Add minipet boarding
- Casting: Force objects casting to be always without travelling speed

December 6, 2020
- Bot Mages will not auto polymorph unless health < 5% as a last resort.
- Pathfinding improvements.
- Several quest fixes for dragonflight area.
- Added quiet and talk commands for bots for idle chatter.

October 30, 2020
- Fixed crash due to Totem no despawning properly if owner not online.
- Fixed Moroes evade failure.
- Fix crash due to unsafe handling of archers in Gauntlet of Fire
- Do not allow usage of a Game Object if its in use.
- Fix for stuck Mechanar gauntlet event.
- Numerous other quest fixes in Mechanar.
- Several fixes to quests and creatures in Karazan.
- Fixed serveral creature path and movement issues causing server crash.
- Dozens of quests and events fixed in Outlands.
- Several spell mechanics corrected to be same as retail.

August 5,2020
- Udated auction house to better reflect normal player ebb and flow with items.
- Updated several quests in Outland instances to prevent core crashes.
- updates to Playerbot code to better heal and keep targets in LOS for priests.

June 29, 2020
- Fixed most all escort quests. start and end points corrected.
- ShadowFang prisoner follows proper exit path and opens door for party.
- Morbent Fel will morph into Weakened Morbent Fel on spellhit.
- Add proper speed for karathress cyclone
- Fix Coilfang Ambusher not being ranged caster
- Booty Bay item, Message in a Bottle 6307 - Loot now has 33 possible results
- Quest 4763 (The Blackwood Corrupted) in Darkshore - re-worked, added improvements
- Many small improvements to NPC's and MOBS, emotes, spells, stance etc.

June 21, 2020
- Fixed the quest "Journey to Undercity", it now completes correctly and no longer causes the server to crash.

June 11,2020
- Fixed quest "Welcome to the city of light", it now completes correctly.
- Updates to bot AI, casters should use ranged spells more now, instead of melee combat.
- NEW Horse vendor, Bank and Auction house in Goldshire.
- Mounts are available at level 10 now! Get your riding crop ready.

May 15,2020
- Update to bot line of sight code, should move into LOS prior to combat
- Fix crash condition for escort quests if party member not on same escort quest

May 9. 2020
- Fixed serious problem with bots not behaving correctly out of combat/healing/buffing.

May 10,2020
- Fixed quest item counters for quests with same quest items
- Fixed players falling down from others point of view when on taxi
- Updated playerbot mage and warlock behaviors during combat, no melee combat unless out of mana

May 8, 2020
- Fixed an ancient bug of not being able to turn in quest despite having all required items.
- Small improvements to Magmus in Blackrock Depths
- Add intro yell when opening the gates leading to Magmus
- Fix utilization of wrong clock from chrono causing rubberbanding
- Delay initial movement update until next map update tick to prevent stack overflows in various places
- Fix crash with players being mind-controlled
- Fix pets spamming autocast buffs on dead group members

April 19,2020
- Authenticator option for login is now available
- use a TOTP app to generate PIN codes, such as andOTP or similar.
- scan the qr code for easy add to your phone. App on Play Store

April 18,2020
- Quest "That little extra kick" works as expected now
- Arathi Basin Chest spawns improved
- Added binding heal to healing affects
- Small improvements to many creatures
- Several crash fixes

April 4,2020
- Naxxramas fixes - Full rework of Kel'Thuzad encounter
- LFG join bug fixed
- Pet follow movement improved
- Stun/Root bug during logout fixed

March 26,2020
- Fix respawn time for Shatterspear Trolls
- Adjust fel lotus drop chance
- Stop Thistle Bear Madness
- Adjust blood elf and draenei starter zone respawn timers
- Xorothian Stardust should be sold in unlimited supply by Ur'dan
- Fix Dire Maul Linking and add missing Gordok Mastiff Patrol Groups
- Remove mageweave cloth from high level npcs
- Add missing Dire Maul outside door scripts, Doors can be opened by using torches
- Some Outer Dire Maul Improvements
- Fix quest sequence for quest Redemption from Fordring
- Spawn Missing Objects: Hellfire Peninsula
- Remove skinning loot from vile larva
- Remove heavy stone drop from elder mistvale gorilla
- Fix peacebloom drop rate

March 10,2020
- Many fixes for quests
- Pet follow improvements
- Stun aura removed properly now
- lots of spawn locations updated
- Update to AI for resurection and other helper functions

January 17,2020
- Multi Threading for maps enabled
- Multiple fixes for many quests
- Pet motion reworked
- Bot AI improved

December 19, 2019
- Pets no longer attach civilians when on aggressive.
- Thaddius encounter has been reworked and much improved.
- Group loot fix for showing sparkles when not your loot.
- Combat in instances will no longer break off when past a certain distance. 6bc15c5

November 30,2019
- Update to AI to improve gameplay
- Pet and NPC follow actions are completely re-written
- Many small quest fixes and some encounter improvements
- Server rates incresed, gold is 5x, reputation is 2x and XP is 2.5x
- Mounts are now available at level 10. see the trainer and mount seller.

August 17, 2019
- Teleport players who have been logged out for more than 15 minutes to instance entrances
- Accounts are created/modified with updating salt and validator with srp6 values

June 6,2019
- Fixed crash with Boss Supremus.
- Evading pets properly now.
- Stealth now breaks properly on damage.
- Druid hurricane spell now works properly.
- Farie fire now prevents stealth.
- Helpers have learned to swim.
- LOS issues resolved while fleeing/confusion.

April 1, 2019
- Sharks! They are everywhere!
- Fixed to helpers not buffing their master when idle.
- Corrections to several quests and NPC's around the world.
- Final boss encounter with Illidian fixed.

March 17, 2019
- Migrated to new faster server hardware.
- Added 1TB SSD for daily backups.
- Rebuilt everything on new linux system.
March 9, 2019
- Corrected required levels for the following instances:
-- Level 8 Ragefire Chasm
-- level 10 Shadowfang keep, Wailing Caverns
-- level 15 Stockades, Gnomeregan (both entrances)
-- level 19 Blackfathom Deeps
-- level 20 Scarlet Monestary, all of them
-- level 25 Razorfen Downs
-- level 30 Uldaman (both entrances), Maraudon (both entrances)
-- level 35 Zul'Farrak, Sunken Temple
-- level 40 Blackrock Depths (both entrances)
-- level 45 Dire Maul all (6) entrances, Scholo, Strath (all 3 entrances), Blackrock Spire
-- level 50 Zul'Gurub, Molten Core (all 3 entrances), Onyxia's Lair, Ahn'Qiraj (both of them)
-- level 51 Naxxramas

February 26, 2019
- Gorgon the all seeing quest, now works properly.
- Improved world loot tables.
- Updated mounts requirements to allow level 20 to get first mount.
- Server updates to fix crash in IronForge when using a portal.
- Numerous quest fixes too many to list here.
- Creature movement updates, some pathing fixed for wandering creatures.
- Enabled motion smoothing for pathing of creatures and pets.