Lost Wish

Lost Wish

Patron/Vassal xp passup

Any character can now swear to any other character, regardless of level.
If you swear to a character who is lower-level than you, you will not
pass up any experience to that character (or the characters above him/her)
until that character's level is equal to yours.

Once you begin passing experience up to your patron
(or if you are currently doing so) you won't stop passing experience
to your patron, even if you out-level him or her.

- Fix Part 5 of Shadow Invasion increment for Ler Rhan
- Dark Isle Updates

- Revises skill levels on several boss creatures on Bur, mainly part of the Saving Asheron quest.

- Mana Barrier and Blooded Ritual Statues are corrected based on a Berek retail video.
Previously, they had been set to resist a max player about 50% of the time. However,
there is no evidence of this in the video. Berek lands spells 100% of the time,
in the case of the mana barrier, even after his buffs are dispelled by a trap.
Melee and missile defense on the statue are also set to negligible levels to match
are immobile objects (that could be machine gunned). The melee defense pcap skill
estimate is 2 (i.e., almost 0) for these.

- Fixed the mana barrier trying to attack the player, and spinning around like revolving door,
making it useless as a barrier.

- Set creature type for some Gate Guardians that were missing it (should be undead).
- Corrected properties on Corpse of Servitor of Asheron (so it appears like object),

Latest Database release v0.9.265 includes the following:

Adjusted content:
- Large Shattered Aetherium Core
- Various NPC dialog to match PCAPs
- Augmented Understanding spells
- Gauntlet Aug Amplifications (changes last tinker)
- Pearl of Blade Baning
- Tchk'Tain the Tender
- Hoshino Tower portal
- Rossa Morta Chapterhouse Access surface portal
- Jester's Baton
- Gonjoku's Mana Infusion
- Cave Penguin Cake
- ability to retain Aetheria (Salvaged Leather/Sandstone

Latest Database release v0.9.264 includes the following:
Newly restored content:
- Olthoi Play

Adjusted content:
- Daimyo Nobanuga
- Brighteyes
- Shade of Antmy
- Castle Mhoire
- Deewain's Dark Cavern
- Elemental Rapier Swords Weapon Augs

Latest Database release v0.9.261 includes the following:
Newly restored content:
- Santa Sclavus
- Olthoi Island

Adjusted content:
- Composite Bows with Handles
- Blinded Apparition
- Aerbax South Gate
- Empyrean Rescue
- Tanada House
- Various contracts
- Asheron's Investigator
- Cloak Shroud spells
- Phyntos Queen
- Pack Pumpkin P
- Pack Dark Remoran
- Jonathan
- Foolproof recipes (these now require you to have the skill at least trained to use it, as retail did)
- Prodigal Life Protection spells
Adjusted content:
- Foolproof recipes (these now require you to have the skill at least trained to use it, as retail did)

Latest Database release v0.9.260 includes the following:
Adjusted content:
- Corrupted Amber gems
- Dire Champions
- Hive Eviscerator Burrow
- Pathwardens
- Four Corners
- Geraine's Hosts
- Frore
- Olthoi Island vendors

Latest Database release v0.9.256 includes the following:

Newly restored content:
- Uninscription Stones
- Hoshino Rare Bosses
- Renegade Living Weapons

Adjusted content:
- Translators
- Summercrown
- Shroud of Darkness cloaks
- Keg of Duke Roaul's Distillation
- Some Foolproof recipes

July 2, 2022

- Many quest fixes.
- Storage bugs fixed.
- Custom items added.
- Max added, visit him in Arwic.

Latest updates includes the following:

Adjusted content:
- Crafting Health Potions
- Mark of the Overlord
- Agents of the Arcanum
- Bemeth the Gatherer
- Lost City of Neftet
- Ufet
- Some ranged VR weapon augs
- Abyssal Totem
- Composite Weapons
- Bridging the Vast Divide misc.
- Intelligent Design misc.
- Augs for slingshots and compound x/bow
- Some Brewing recipes

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